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Venture Capital Firms & Funding: Webinar

Redefine your Hustle.

As we adjust to the “new normal,’ it comes as no surprise that one would need to redefine their hustle in order to adapt to the changing landscape.


And with the business landscape turned upside, leaving entrepreneurs with more questions than answers it seems as though only innovative entrepreneurs will survive this pandemic.



This Monday at 6pm on ‘Redefine your Hustle’ tech entrepreneur, visionary and founder of Cryptovecs Capital John Lombela gets into a conversation with like-minded industry leaders.


With Dr Walter Mandaza as the moderator, Lombela will engage with global speaker and CEO of MyGrowthFund Vusi Thembekwayo, and the founder and principal partner of Plumtree Partners, Jeffrey Rich about venture capital firms and blockchain project funding.


The episode will look at lessons learnt, opportunities created, the future of venture capital firms, how blockchains fit in and how one can capitalise from this pandemic.


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