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Entrepreneur. FinTech & Blockchain Technology. Funds & Alternative Investment. Disruptive Thinker.

John is a serial entrepreneur, investor, business coach and mentor. He has developed several businesses in the field of Information & Communication Technology, FinTech, Blockchain & Cryptoassets.


Cryptovecs Capital

We enable people to easily take advantage of all the benefits that cryptocurrencies offer while mitigating the associated risks; and help them diversify their sources of income by investing into professionally crafted portfolio leveraging cryptoassets either as managed strategies or exchange traded products.


Innovecs Consulting

Innovecs recognizes the opportunity to service customers within various industry verticals and has associated itself with key professional IT partners with the relevant expertise required to provide services to our customers.


AXALIO – Digital Banking

AXALIO Digital is a digital banking and investment platform that will offer the best world class investment opportunities, innovative low fees banking products and services, ease of use and simplicity right into the palm of your hands.

John Lombela

Take actions and then get to work. Most people today are afraid to recognize that they have a burning desire to accomplish something greater than what they currently do. Daily, they feel the void, a burning desire to do something different but are afraid of taking responsibility for the actual reality there is in owning their dreams.

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