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The Fourth Industrial Revolution – Adapt or Die

PNXT: And blockchain technology is just one of a number of emerging technologies that will radically change our industries. For example, Artificial Intelligence and autonomous vehicles no longer seem to be fictional ideas of a distant future. What do you think the future of business looks like?


In terms of the wave, the first wave of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, we know that there are quite a number of things. There’s robotics, for example, involved. There’s 3D printing, there’s blockchain, it goes on… This revolution is definitely creating new opportunities for all kinds of people, but the only ones who will really get left behind are the lazy ones who definitely do not want to embrace change. But you know what? It catches up with us, whether we like it or not. It is the nature of technology; we are no longer living in the Dark Ages.


If we look at how things used to be done, back in the day, people have an undeniable resistance to change over time. And history proves that if you truly refuse change, then you get left behind, or you are forced to adjust. But those who actually see change, not as a threat but an opportunity, are clever enough to identify and determine exactly how they can go about it for their own good.


So there’s always going to be something for all of them. And unfortunately, there’s never going to be a solution to please everybody. But, in the end what we do is we adjust to a new way of doing things. Think of Apple and Steve Jobs, I remember I was one of those guys. I could never imagine the idea of being able to use a phone with a touchscreen. In fact, it sounded weird. Second of all, in itself, it seemed extremely bizarre. I remember when the first phones hit the market on that hot day. How the heck does this thing work? Where am I touching? I actually threw the thing away, because I was so in love with my Blackberry. But where’s Blackberry today? The once-upon-a-time giant of the mobile industry has been put under the earth today by revolution. Technology has changed the way we do things. So people need to realize, and eventually people say, “what happened to that?” They have been forced to embrace it because it did not want to move away and they have to follow the trend.


Over the last five years or so, the competition around robotics and Artificial Intelligence have freaked out a lot of people. But this is magic. You know, technology has a funny way of doing things. Every time that they disrupt people and jobs, or disrupt a sector or a certain way of doing things. It also creates new opportunities. So what a lot of people need to realize is that as much as companies will be so excited by cutting jobs, it will give rise to a new economy around those same technologies. People who are afraid just need to realize that, actually, the fact that this technology is there and revolutionising, gives me a foot in the door as the entrepreneur. It’s the opportunity to create a business in a particular field, an opportunity to learn a new skill, and become very efficient at it. Major companies, who want to preserve human capital, to skill employees up even more, and they will do so by putting together very interesting, uplifting apps, skills courses or other services that will incentivise. It will help the human capital, the human factor, to be able to understand the end game and understand what the new technologies are doing.


This interview was originally done by PNXT in 2019

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