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Blockchain’s potential and Cryptovecs’ solutions

PNXT: Tell us about Cryptovecs Capital… what solutions are you providing for businesses and individuals that are also enthusiastic about blockchain?


The idea behind Cryptovecs came about in 2016, when I decided to provide a different service to entrepreneurs, investors, qualified investors, the elites and entrepreneurs out there. This is men and women who were looking for a better way to enter the crypto market and become an investor or a participant in that particular field. So for me to be able to do so, after studying the market, I realized that there are many other services other over above the whole aspect of network marketing.


People need to really get, first of all, educated about this particular subject, and to get people to accept us, with three things in one. So I have an education aspect, where it’s all about educating these executive guys or any other individual who are seeking to learn about the fundamentals of the technology, the blockchain technology, and also, most importantly, about various trade and investment strategies that can apply into the long-term, or medium- to long-term, financial futures.


And secondly, what I also did, as part of Cryptovecs Capital, was operate as an investment advisory firm. Around this is a very strong network of analytic, technical, validation, various technologies and blockchain investing syndicates. Developers from Singapore all the way through to Dubai, Hong Kong, and the United States and so forth are also part of our advisors. Investment bank, banks, private investment banks, liquidity partners, people who get access to lots and lots of cash, were able to get involved. For example, somebody said, “I’ve got about 500 Bitcoins, and I’m looking for immediate liquidity, can you help me out?” That’s what I do, as well as procure capital. So what I will do is, I will tap into my liquidity partner, who has hundreds of millions of dollars in sec funding. What these guys are looking to do is to make tons of money and to find out about Bitcoin or they’re looking to liquidate their Bitcoin assets.


How can we help them out? We do that through what is known as the OTC (over the counter) so that it doesn’t change the price on the exchanges, specifically the retail exchanges. So we create different relationships as well, with so many exchanges around the world that can allow us to be able to trade and engage in various trading activities.


All of that has happened over the last three years and didn’t come overnight. So, we spent a great amount of time building these strong relationships for us to be able to achieve the main goal that we have today.


Thirdly, it is a front as part of the fun. What I really wanted to do was provide a different way of investing for a lot of people who are very scared of the market, because, as we know, Bitcoin is one of the craziest, extremely interesting, but extremely volatile investments. Just yesterday (17 July), for example, over $10 billion was wiped off the valuation on the capital market. But this morning, that $10 billion came back, so a single investor, who doesn’t understand how this ecosystem works, is going to be terrified to actually even enter the market.


Yet, what people don’t understand that it is normally under extreme volatility, that people can make lots and lots of money actually. And we do make money; we make money on the asset. An asset is extremely stable. And there is a more money and management used to make that particular market. So sometimes the swings, even if they are 1% swing, are able to help you make profits. It depends on the direction that you’re actually taking. But what we are doing is part of the fun. We have diversified strategies, about five different ones at the moment, and trading is just one of them.

This interview was originally done by PNXT in 2019

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