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June 16: The fight for economic freedom

As we commemorate June 16, in celebration of the sacrifices made by the youth of 1976 one can’t help but feel as though they have passed on the bantam and the fight continues. They won their fight against Bantu education but we are still fighting for economic freedom and economic inclusion.


The magnitude of this is evident in the high unemployment rate as well as the increasing number of people living below the poverty line.


Reality is that for most South Africans the difference between poverty and staying afloat is one salary. More and more are realizing that a salary is not enough to sustain them and their lifestyles and this has birthed the entrepreneurial spirit as more individuals look for viable ways to participate in the economy.


The youth, in particular, want to be heard,  want to go toe to toe with established brands and be given a fair opportunity to get a piece of the pie.  This is the entrepreneurial fire that keeps them going. Even though its dubbed as ‘hustling,’ entrepreneurship could be the solution to a lot of the socio-economic issues facing South Africa and other African countries.


As we raise our glasses and braai our meat let us remember that entrepreneurship is a beacon of hope for unemployed youth, struggling families and individuals seeking to do things their way.  As we celebrate the success of those who have made it, let us not forget our struggles, dreams and goals. Entrepreneurship in SA is as treasured as our braaivleis, it is who we are.


We are always hustling, going after the next big thing and making moves because being stagnant isn’t in us. And as much as its part of us, we are still jumping through hurdles to not just get into business but stay in business and make it successful enough to create employment and yield a profit.


At grass root level entrepreneurs are doing ‘okay’ but sooner or later these very same entrepreneurs will need to grow their brands and this is where the challenge is.



Tomorrow might not be promised but your future is in your hands and those very same hands will pave your path to economic freedom.


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