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Thought Leadership

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Thought Leadership

Very few people have a better perspective of what they intend to do in the long run. For many it is through the school of hard knocks, confusion that they find meaning, for others it is through observation, and meditation, while others yet through faith and spiritual encounters would they find true meaning for their calling.

Commit! Act!
Believe and Build!

I have the personality traits and skills that allow me to quickly identify good opportunities and engage with them while the idea of making something great out of them is still hot.

  • Entrepreneur
  • Investor
  • International Speaker
  • Business Consultant


The Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrencies are the harbinger of decentralized applications that are already fundamentally changing the internet and the digital economy.

We enable people to easily take advantage of all the benefits that cryptocurrencies offer while mitigating the associated risks.

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