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Out with the old!

Could the future of entrepreneurship lie in the hands of the younger generation? It has been estimated that 66% of current SMMES are owned by them and they could drive entrepreneurship into the future because they are not afraid of failure.

Entrepreneurship has always been marred by the misconception of the good life, money, glitz and glamour and travel but to enjoy the fruits one needs to put in the labour and this is the long hours, the stress, failure, risk, fear, financial strain and self-doubt.

However, could entrepreneurship be fun if it’s done right? And what is needed to achieve this?

The first step is for entrepreneurs to look at their glass as half full and go out of their way to fill it because entrepreneurship is about purpose and passion. It’s about getting up and redefining ones hustle even when you can’t see it. As taxing as it may be, they need to find what makes them tick and only then will they begin to fly because they have let go of self-limiting beliefs.


But where does one start?

Just like setting the mood, all the elements need to come together. And this is the ‘what’ the ‘why’ the ‘how’ and lastly the ‘when’.

By answering the ‘what’ you have identified the problem and after that, the ‘why’ will push you to unpack it. Then ‘how’ will help you identify possible solutions and lastly the ‘when’ forces you to plan out how and when these solutions can be implemented.

And that is how you redefine your hustle and add a bit of flavour to it. One could take it a step further by comparing it to trying out a new recipe, entrepreneurs need to disrupt their thinking, they need to abandon their comfort zone and develop new strategies that will allow them to succeed in their business endeavours so that they can move from necessity to growth.

And it will be at this very moment that entrepreneurs realise that the efforts they put into their business no longer feel like work but are fun.

See the reason why the younger generation owns this space and is coining it is because of how they approach things. Just like in a 9-5 situation the younger generation commands their space and are well aware of their capabilities and worth. This confidence, even though some see it as arrogance allows them to up and leave when they feel they are no longer valued and their needs are not being met.

They are not afraid to risk it all, try new things, mix it up and try again if it falls apart.

And this is the same zeal and optimism they carry in business. For them it’s not personal but just business at the end of the day. And this is where many drop the ball and fail to see the red flags.

As an entrepreneur, one needs to be aware of their environment but at the same time anticipate the future. It’s about being well aware of the danger but still deciding to go.


Where is the fun side?

After acknowledging that the hardest pill to swallow in entrepreneurship is realising and admitting that just because one has a degree/s doesn’t mean you have the required education to succeed. Because entrepreneurship teaches you that success is hidden in your continuous personal development.

And the secret to all of this is having the ability to master your mind, rearrange reality, and transform relationships. At the end of the day, we hold the key to our happiness. We make an unconscious decision each morning of how our day will be and that decision indirectly affects and influences how we conduct business daily.

So the fun of it all is in your hands.

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