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FinTech and the future of value investing

Welcome to the new normal, where technology is changing money, business and the world as we know it.

At the centre of financial technology is a disruptor that is changing the business and financial landscape. Blockchain, cryptocurrencies and Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT) are often used interchangeably as they remain largely misunderstood.

However Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrencies are the harbinger of decentralised applications that are already fundamentally changing the internet and the digital economy.b And it is only through education that the public will fully understand the immense benefits
provided by what many call the most innovative creation to hit the banking and finance industry.

This disruptive technology has created a unique opportunity that few have been fortunate enough to tap into to profit from the marketplace.

With the know-how and the skills needed Cryptovecs Capital has been at the forefront of providing its investors with the ability to increase their wealth by growing digital assets to secure their digital future.

Reducing volatility

It is no secret that blockchain technologies represent one of the largest investment opportunities that have resulted in a massive wealth transfer.

Blockchain technologies have already gone beyond the digital payments and cross-border transfers. The security of Blockchain technologies offers immense potential. And this is the very reason why it has been said that blockchain can revolutionize the world of finance by simply providing a way of recording and tracking transactions.

The World Economic Forum estimated a 400x increase in the values stored on Blockchain by 2027 and 10% of global GDP being stored on Blockchain platforms.


Tokenomics anyone?

The emergent application of bitcoin as a digital payment system has overwhelmingly dominated public perception of digital tokens, but from a strategic point of view, the value proposition of digital utility tokens is less as a currency and more as the underlying utility
application of DLT to autonomously represent and communicate value without the tradition cost of trust and intermediation.

There is still a perception that fractionalised investment-grade tokens backed by physical assets will help introduce new sources of liquidity beyond traditional physical traders as attractive
alternative investments for larger institutional investors.

Fortunately, the token economy has created numerous opportunities and thanks to the 4th revolution even more investment opportunities are being discovered. Even with all the noise, the focus should not be blurred, blockchain technology has its benefits but it requires one to
be knowledgeable in order to be able to have a long term multi-strategy approach.

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