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Fellow entrepreneurs and dear community, it has been brought to my attention that there are multiple fake profiles impersonating my name and deliberately taking my images on Instagram and Facebook to use them in light of scamming those who would fall prey to their investment schemes and recommendations, making it seem as John Lombela is the one actually perpetrating these allegations.



I call upon all of you to be extremely cautious when it comes to engaging with anyone you come across with on social media and especially those that reach to you to offer investment advice and or investment opportunities. I am not a Forex trader and nor am I a Crypto trader. I am a Blockchain professional, Crypto Enthusiast and Bitcoin maximalist who believe in a free world and that cryptocurrencies are the beginning of a great decentralised financial world.



Please note that, not I and neither any of my team members will ever post anything to solicit money through any investment scheme, but we will rather continue to educate our community on what to do and what not to do. Being an investor requires a lot o professional etiquette and ethic. I would like to mention three main things you should ALWAYS when you spend time online navigating and consuming information from others:



1: Never take any investment advice from someone who contacts you directly that you do not and or have never met personally. This is a tactic to lead you into a conversation that will end up in an investment proposal made to you.



2: Never ever send money to anyone on any of the social media platforms. Irrespective of how dire your financial situation may be and how desperate you can be; sending money to those you do not know and expecting anything in return is just equivalent to being scammed. Do not send money to anyone at all, even if they come clothed in my name and pictures claiming to know a lot about Bitcoin and Crypto in general. DO NOT SEND MONEY TO ANYONE at all.



3: ALWAYS DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH (DYOR). This is by far the most important advice. Whenever someone reaches out to you, and proposes something, do yourself a favor and spend time researching online who they are, what do they do and if possible reach out FIRST to those who have engaged with them before. It is your SOLE RESPONSABILITY to do research before sending money to anyone. You cannot blame anyone else but yourself for being negligent and too loosed when it comes to handling your finances. DYOR.



Finally, I beg of you to HELP me and my team build a better and stronger community, one that is built on integrity, trust and transparency. One that will help other community members to consume good content for their own education; and help us by reporting fake profiles on Facebook and Instagram so that Facebook can delete them, but be very careful when anyone reaches to you on WhatsApp, Telegram or any other medium in an attempt to take money away from you.



Stay safe out there and be vigilant and disciplined with your time and money.



Thank you all for listening, watching and reading this very important statement.



John Lombela





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