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Entrepreneurial  survival tips

As consumer demands evolve and technology alters the business landscape, small businesses and scalable start-ups are faced with tough decisions of how to remain profitable without compromising on quality.  Reality is, business is no longer just about offering a service or a product in exchange for cash. It has transformed into a multi-layered model that is influenced by external forces that business owners have no control over.

Entrepreneurs face daily challenges in an effort to keep the doors open while external forces, coupled with lack of resources, expertise and connections make it near impossible to compete with larger industry players.  This explains why the first 24 months are the hardest and why many bow out during this time.

For investor, tech entrepreneur, founder and managing director of the Pan-African Investment and Technology Company, Cryptovecs Capital, Mr John Lombela entrepreneurship is a continuous journey that needs one to be passionate, patient and open to learning. He adds that to survive, entrepreneurs need to be agile and have the ability to adapt to market changes because that is the only way they will be able to stay ahead of competitors as well as become profitable and successful.

Mr Lombela says that entrepreneurs need to:

Start owning their dreams

Entrepreneurs need to recognise and own their dreams; take actions and then get to work. Owning one’s dreams gives you peace of mind and the realisation that you’re working towards something tangible. It’s about being able to pay attention, visualise and put a realistic, step by step plan together that will help you get closer making your dreams a reality. It all starts with a decision – to own your dreams.


Ignore the negative voice within

By listening to that voice that discourages you from starting anything you are allowing fear to keep you in a cycle of failed attempts and dissatisfaction.  But owning one’s dreams breaks the cycle of bad habits and embraces failure because failure is unavoidable and failure is a great teacher.


Identify their talents

Find your hidden talents; don’t shy away from taking risks. For some, this may be an obvious discovery, but for many and perhaps the majority, the journey to self-discovery of talents is a daunting task. Your innate talents are by far the best tool you have; make use of it because it will take you on the road to success.


Be prepared for pain

Successful people have endured a certain dosage of pain in their lifetime. Each minute spent practising what you believe in has a certain dosage of pain that only those who sustain the longest become winners. Being an entrepreneur is not easy; those who remember their dreams and goals will pursue their mission despite the challenges.


Luck or Grace? Be prepared when success meets you

In order to embrace the road to success, as an entrepreneur you should be able to manufacture your way there. Knock on the doors to create the opportunities you need to succeed. The difference between a lottery winner and a successful entrepreneur is the time and hard work it took to create the necessary habits required to handle success.


Redefine their hustle

Entrepreneurs need to redefine their  hustle on the premise of the following:


  • Doing something that truly moves them.

You will stop at nothing whenever you embark on working towards something that has a real meaning to you.

  • Keeping your head up and your eyes opened.

As a visionary most people around you will never see what you see. Make sure you identified unexploited opportunities; create more momentum so you can produce more money, and meaning

  • Closing the gap between what you promise yourself to achieve, and what you achieve or close.

Make sure that you get one transaction to succeed so you can create momentum and proof to your abilities to succeed as an entrepreneur. Do not be scared by the number of times you fail, remain focused on what you need to do to succeed. Redefine your hustle, create more money, meaning and momentum.


Embark on their journey

If your life and everything you do is on a straight path, know that everything is wrong with it.

The best innovations come during times of adversity because your ways will pave the ultimate map to your destination by not following social conventions, and this path is never straight.

When you decide to embark on your next adventure, pack the following: a great dosage of pain threshold and tolerance, extreme resilience ability, perseverance and persistence. Pack these, and you’re set for an absolute life of amazing discoveries and great connections in your lifetime.


Stand out

To succeed as an entrepreneur, it is important that you work enthusiastically enough doing the same thing over and over creating new habits that will allow you to stand out from the crowd. Uniquely so that whenever you do something you will be valuable and needed, that you can charge any ticket size for your services or products. But it all starts with you mastering what you do.


Unleash potential

Mandela once said, “things always seem impossible until it’s done”. This statement couldn’t be any farther from the truth. We often whine about things being extremely difficult, but the reality is that things are not difficult to get done; they seem difficult because we do not venture to do any of them.  Start levelling your pot entail by adding skills, not about being the best, but about being smart enough to be good enough. Show up, begin experimenting, improve your skills and get great results. More importantly, reveal the unknown by conducting experiments in the hard school of life.


Scrutinise their network

As you embark on a journey to building a business, it is important you surround yourself with the right people. The right people are simply those that believe in your vision, add value to your business, and that will support you during your most difficult moments. These are the people will share success with you when you reach the very top of your entrepreneurial journey.


“One of my ethos as an entrepreneur has always been to do what I do so that others can enjoy the fruits of my hard labour. This includes helping other people succeed. The more we build our business with other people in mind, the greater the chance of being surrounded by the right people that will help you achieve your goals. Stay humble, know your purpose and get to work.”


Work on real-life projects

Entrepreneurship is not a job, but a calling. When you embark on this journey, make sure that you execute projects successfully. The first project you work on to completion will give you the necessary boost to have a high confidence level. Delivering on real-life projects proves you can showcase to the world so you can earn more.


The saying you only as good as your last project is true for entrepreneurs, let your work speak for you. Let it be a reference to the world that you can do what you claim you can do. By always giving 150% you will have a greater advantage over those that have a difficult time substantiating their claims.  Always pay attention to the following traits: 1) passion, 2) drive and 3) goals because these three can make or break an entrepreneur.


Find meaning, momentum and money

We all work for a different purpose in our lives, whatever the calling or purpose, it is important that as an entrepreneur you find your meaning. If you bring selflessness in everything you do, your meaning starts making sense and is immediately recognised by those that listen to your voice.  When you understand your meaning, you will be able to blend in with the need and importance of money on your projects. And you will have the right momentum to embark on a journey where a good relationship balance amongst these three aspects will lead you to build successful ventures.


Fail your way to ultimate success

Successful people have one thing in common, fear of failure. Failure has a negative effect to those who may not have trained their minds well enough to handle failure, rejection, non-recognition of work done, and many other things that make them go back into a safe zone. However failing is a good thing, it teaches you about what you need to know so you do not have to fail the next time you do the same thing.


Avoid the C.O.M.F.O.R.T

Embracing comfort is life will ultimately kill innovation, creativity and your abilities to accomplish so much more. Always find a way to being uncomfortable in your pursuit of excellence for, comfort in my terms means: “causing one to maliciously forfeit their obligations as a rightful thinker”. This is an acronym representing each letter of the word “C.O.M.F.O.R.T”. Instead of embracing comfort as a COVID disease, let’s turn this COVID disease into Building a strong Character (C), embracing Opportunities (O), having a Vision (V), Investing (I) in ourselves and having a sense of Direction (D).

Never stop learning, asking questions and asking for help from fellow entrepreneurs because together you can achieve so much more. 

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